Monday, March 08, 2004


Hope you all had a good weekend. It was a hectic weekend for me as usual. Lots of joli, so no Holi. (hehe soku soku). Saw Varnajalam and Engal Anna. Varnajalam is a 80’s kind of movie which you generally watch in TV on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon. A murder, Ooty/ Kodai, hero, villain, revenge, Vanakkam. Storyline – Sadha, Kutti Radhika.(ellam waste)
Engal Anna – Anna Vijaykanth for a change has two new heroines. Vijaykanth avangalukkum Anna maadhiri theriyarar. One sadly plays a villi role. The other heroine – Rani Mukerjee paathi (face) Tabu meethi (all except face). Storyline – Appideena? Special mention – Costume designer Premalatha Vijaykanth. As a result Vijaykanth glitters in yellow striped shirts. (veetula enna kovamo nalla pazhi vangitanga)

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