Friday, March 12, 2004


Nice movie. Have you ever wondered how some teachers, preachers, psychiatrist are so successful? My opinion is they have mastered the art of involving the audience with the common things that attracts participation and convey things in a very nice way that the audience want for more. This is that kind of movie where the director is clever enough to involve the audience. It’s a sure thing that more than 95% of the audience would have had their first crush at school /college and so would like the movie.

Like Cheran, I too had a crush at school and a fav. gal (sight) at college. As I have told enough about these gals already to my wife, my wife was just closely watching my reactions and kept teasing me throughout the movie like “have you done this…that…” too much. Her scorpion brain even calculated if there was any correlation for naming my daughter with a starting letter V, which happened to be my school and college darlings first letter too. (idhellam ambalainga kastam)
The movie had an impact that we ended up discussing our nostalgia’s till early morning.

நீங்க ஏன் அந்த ரெண்டு பெண்களையும் நம்ம கல்யாணத்துக்கு கூப்பிடல? - என் மனைவி

இவன் முன்ன்னாடி சைட் அடிச்ச பைய்யன்னு தெரிஞ்சா சினிமால வர்ர மாதிரி எல்லா புருஷனும் தூக்கு சட்டில டீ வாங்கி தர மாட்டாங்க....சில பேர் தூக்கு சட்டியாலயே மண்டைல போட்டுருவாங்க

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