Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Water Water

It’s a familiar story back in India. Very often we might notice news items detailing how police cracked down on bogus mineral water companies in a rural village. It will usually detail the purification process they adapted with a photo of a kerosene stove which they use to boil water. This is just a background info I wanted to bring in to your brain cache.

Here in London I generally don’t buy bottled water not just for the reason they are a bit costly but also that the normal tap water is guaranteed to be 99.9% pure by the supplier (they put this down in writing and they mean it). I generally used to sarcastically comment to my wife that our body immune system is going to go lethargic because of this high level of purity in drinking water. I also feel it’s a bit stupid to pay money for the same quality just bcos its in a bottle.

Ok coming to the point… “Dasani” is one of coca-cola’s bottled drinking water. Recently a big row has broken out after Coca-Cola admitted that this is nothing but purified tap water (and not spring water). The Coca-Cola statement regarding this is “We would never say tap water isn't drinkable. It's just that Dasani is as pure as water can get."

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தோடா தண்ணி காட்டறாங்க!

ரொம்ப சுத்தமான தண்ணிலாம் எனக்கு உடம்புக்கு ஆகாதுப்பா !

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