Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Blogs – Good bad and Ugly

What the hell are blogs? Are there any real use out of blogging? Hold on..I am not writing a research thesis on blogs. Its just I am thinking aloud on why I started to blog and some views through my eyes. Though many people draw an analogy between diary and blogs, to me its much more than that. Ok to bullet point what I aimed out of my blogging
• Improvise my Networking skills
• Give a vent to my writing skills(??!!)
• Improve my language (both English and Tamil)
Now there are much more on the good to be said. I always feel confident after a lengthy post. I am sure none of us would forget when their blog hit counter spiked or feedback comments soared. (did we not envy while watching other blogs having a heavy feedback comments count?). Its definitely a feel good factor when your blogosphere doesn’t include many whom you already knew before blogging.

The bad – Getting infected with blogomania. Symptoms - checking yours/others blog page atleast 10 times a day. Checking hit counter atleast 5 times a day. Checking comments of your latest post atleast 20 times a day. Temporary depression when comment count is less than 5 even after two days.

Ugly – This can be rather termed dangerous. Now let me give you an example.
This example portion was deleted from the orignal post as some ppl had objections to it.

I am sure all you can come with a similar report on me.The only dangerous side I can see is we unknowingly reveal information about us and at times this can be dangerous. If you want to say "periya ivaruuu solla vandhuttaru " I have someone visiting my blog every now and then from United Nations, New York, US. and another from US defence department Bayama irukku :P

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