Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Daddy is happy!

My wife is pregnant. Having used to the service levels of NHS in UK, I was very nervous about having the delivery in London. But as my daughter is starting school in January we had no other options. We called our GP to register for the midwives clinic and were informed that we would be called only after 14 weeks for the initial appointment and registration. This further fuelled my fears. Luckily we had diagnosed this in India and brought some initial medicines and vitamin tonics.
To our great surprise we got a call our from our GP Yesterday.(still its just 7 weeks for my wife). We were thrilled when two midwives dropped into our home today and spent more than an hour on general advice, collecting blood samples etc. They gave their mobile number and asked to contact in case of any emergency or problems. Mann that was really a consolation when you didn't have your parents or elders near by.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Murphy's law

I am a great believer of Murphy's law. The worst thing about it is If that comes to my mind when I am tense, it always worksout. I was late to office today with the usual morning tensions. Missed my first bus seconds before it started from the stop. Waited another 15 mins patiently in the stop. Missed my second bus when I bent down to tie my shoe lace. The driver mistook that I didn't want to board the bus and sped away. Then I missed my connecting train and as a result my main train. Finally I was late to office by hour and a half. Luckily Murphy's law was out of my head by then.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Malgudi Days

Though I have heard a lot about this masterpiece from R.K.Narayan, never had a chance to read until I was lucky enough to buy this book during my India trip. It was such an interesting book that I didn't want to finish reading and prolonged it as far as possible. I wish I lived with all those wonderful characters in Malgudi.
Have you ever read Sujatha's "Srirangathu Thevadhaigal" in Tamil?(the orginal collection – Not the latest series in recent Vikatan) Its another master piece. I guess this book might have inspired Sujatha's.

Now I am in search of R.K.Narayan's other collections.

Thursday, November 20, 2003


Many of you might know Mr.Mogombo(or whatever) guy from Africa. He often associates himself with designations like Director of African National Bank, African Treasury etc. etc. claiming that he has full control of billions of dollars unclaimed. He would nicely ask for deal for helping to transfer the money using your bank account. All these nonsense was happening so far only through email, but to my great surprise I had a snail mail yesterday delivered from some African country with my address hand written. It had the same shit typed and photocopied. I am just thinking whether I need to escalate this to Police or just ignore or like one of my friends wittily said to be prepared to receive him one day when he knocks my door to handover million dollars!

Wednesday, November 19, 2003


Following are 5 of my observations during this India trip.

1. Auto drivers have become little polite.
All my Chennai auto drivers were polite and helpful. Dunno if this is bcos of the call taxi competition pressure or I happened to be lucky.

2.TV Serial mania has reduced a little. People have started avoiding the afternoon "azhugai moonjigal". But evening slot is the worst and I had a very tough time getting the remote until Kungumam @ 10:30Pm

3.People are used to water problems and its not a serious topic these days atleast for chennai.
Or isit bcos its was October and not May!

4.Pondy Bazaar's loosing its charm and not much crowd these days? (isit the case or am I wrong?)

5.Kids now attend "Slogam" classes too(espl. Bagavat Gita ) in addition to their computer classes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Dubukku is back

I am back. Had a great Deepavali. Hope you all too!!
India trip was great as usual except for the sickness during the return trip. I was having very high fever and weekend was horrible.
I am ok now..but still the after effects of sickness are there. Will be in full fledged action soon.