Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Daddy is happy!

My wife is pregnant. Having used to the service levels of NHS in UK, I was very nervous about having the delivery in London. But as my daughter is starting school in January we had no other options. We called our GP to register for the midwives clinic and were informed that we would be called only after 14 weeks for the initial appointment and registration. This further fuelled my fears. Luckily we had diagnosed this in India and brought some initial medicines and vitamin tonics.
To our great surprise we got a call our from our GP Yesterday.(still its just 7 weeks for my wife). We were thrilled when two midwives dropped into our home today and spent more than an hour on general advice, collecting blood samples etc. They gave their mobile number and asked to contact in case of any emergency or problems. Mann that was really a consolation when you didn't have your parents or elders near by.

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