Wednesday, November 19, 2003


Following are 5 of my observations during this India trip.

1. Auto drivers have become little polite.
All my Chennai auto drivers were polite and helpful. Dunno if this is bcos of the call taxi competition pressure or I happened to be lucky.

2.TV Serial mania has reduced a little. People have started avoiding the afternoon "azhugai moonjigal". But evening slot is the worst and I had a very tough time getting the remote until Kungumam @ 10:30Pm

3.People are used to water problems and its not a serious topic these days atleast for chennai.
Or isit bcos its was October and not May!

4.Pondy Bazaar's loosing its charm and not much crowd these days? (isit the case or am I wrong?)

5.Kids now attend "Slogam" classes too(espl. Bagavat Gita ) in addition to their computer classes.

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