Monday, November 24, 2003

Malgudi Days

Though I have heard a lot about this masterpiece from R.K.Narayan, never had a chance to read until I was lucky enough to buy this book during my India trip. It was such an interesting book that I didn't want to finish reading and prolonged it as far as possible. I wish I lived with all those wonderful characters in Malgudi.
Have you ever read Sujatha's "Srirangathu Thevadhaigal" in Tamil?(the orginal collection – Not the latest series in recent Vikatan) Its another master piece. I guess this book might have inspired Sujatha's.

Now I am in search of R.K.Narayan's other collections.

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Saraswathi said...

By now u musve read all of r k narayans
u musve had his swami n friends in school
one awesome storyteller he is

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