Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Movie again but englibis movie

It was one of those lethargic weekend afternoon tea time on December 2001. 'Chakra' asked me if I would be interested in a movie. We had a common friend who had two preview show tickets for a movie and had offered them to Chakra. Chakra wasn’t too keen, but was a cat on the wall where he wouldn’t mind if he had a company and so asked me if I would be interested. Me being couch potato was also not too keen, but still asked him what movie that was. When he told me the name of the movie, my wife exclaimed that she had seen the adverts of the movie and looked similar to Harry Potter stuff.

Harry Potter had been just released that time and we all had a notion that HP was childrens/teen movie. Chakra and me concluded that this would also be a vittalacharya masala and dropped the idea that it might not be worth for preview.

The movie was “Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring”

Needless to say we sobbed about it a lot later.

2003 – Convinced after hearing a lot about the movie accidentally got hold of LOTR – The two towers extended edition. Having no idea about the characters or story..all I could actively watch was first 30 mins. Watching it in my laptop I fell asleep in my bed after 45 mins. Literally oru ezhavum puriyala. I was confusing Gandalf and Saruman (and even doubted that they might be double act :P) and fixed an appointment for counselling with my local “peter” . My peter friend explained me that it was a continuous story and gave me the whole DVD pack.

Mannn what a movie it was….all of us in our family(including my daugther) were thrilled watching this movie. I was eagerly waiting for the DVD release of the third movie….(why not theatre? Family ppl with small kids would know the answer)

After seeing the make of the movie, behind the scenes etc… I envy Peter Jackson for his dedication. He really deserves 11 oscars.

Ok rest in damil for obvious reasons.

இன்னிக்கு எனக்கு மூனாவது டி.வி.டி யும் கிடைச்சுடுச்சு.....அதுல ஒரு சி.டி ஒர்க் பண்ணல...நாளைக்கு அதுவும் கிடைச்சுடும்!!!! சோ....நாளைக்கு அதையும் பார்த்துடுவேன்ன்ன்ன்ன்ன்ன்ன்ன்

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