Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Tamil Films and songs

Many of the recent tamil film and songs are horrible isn’t? Just for the rhyme they fill in some crap. Some songs you can’t hear them along with your family. My orthrodoxy mama (uncle) back home bought TV and tape only after my graduation. I would eagerly wait for my chance to play film songs in the tape once he finishes his carnatic favourites. Despite me being careful in choosing the songs to play, to my luck some songs would have lewd lyrics and mama would certainly hear them. This would force my mama to hit his forehead with an exclamation “Thiagaraja keerthanai padina tapela indha karumathai ellam podanuma” and leave the place. Don’t know what he would say if he hears recent thought provoking songs like ‘Kalayanam than katti kittu odi polama’.

My mama never watches films in theatre but I would succeed occasionally in forcing him so that I can take mami also to theatre. ‘Apoorva Sahotharargal’ was one such film during my school days where I hyped about the special effects and took him. But ‘Vaazha veikkum kaadhalukku jey’ song was too much for him (visuals) where Kamal exhibits his professionalism in his usual own way with Gautami. The song was over and when there was a silent pause he exclaimed loudly to me and mami ‘ohhhh avala pottu kasakki pzhinjuttane deee’. Needless to say people in the 2 rows near to us were giggling hearing this. I never attempted any movies in theatre after that along with him. But now he watches films in TV now. Would be real fun if I get a chance for ‘Boys’ with him.

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