Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Junk Mails

Is there any one out there who loves junk mails? Junk mails have landed me in trouble couple of times. Till last year it was only my yahoo and other free mail accounts which were targeted. But off late I have started receiving these junks in my office mail id as well. These mails galore - free lipstick and makeup offers, somebody waiting for me to collect my million, the gal who always fancies me after reading my profile on internet, Viagra’s effectiveness, unsolicited ‘Dr.Mathrubootham’ kind of advises and much more.
One such mail was so canny in the subject line which I opened and my system was so busy that it took some seconds for the mail to open. Right at the same moment came one of the senior managers from nowhere for some query. When I had to access my laptop to help him, came this mail popping up a medium size image of gal in a nasty pose inviting me for siva siva rama rama I can’t tell you!!! I was dumbfounded. The manager seeing my shock (and knowing that I am a good boy) wittingly asked if that was my girlfriend and it ended on a lighter note. Hmmm I was not able to digest that for a long time after he left.

I wish those junk mailers on all your behalf ‘ROT IN HELL’

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