Thursday, February 19, 2004

Me 20 You 18

It was gruelling work at office this whole week. My video cassette dealer again tricked me when I went to return my cassettes. Now he thoroughly knows how to sell cassettes to me.This time it was the original cassette mantra for “Enakku 20 Unakku 18”. Trisha wasn’t looking that great. Other jigidi (don’t know her name) who plays Tarun’s friend is a consolation for this disappointment. Vivek will stand a good chance against Shakeela – Adikadi bare body oda vandhu bayamurutharar. (konjam exercise pannina thevalai). Is Vivek running out of stock? Askava song has become my kid’s favourite now. Forgot what aska means(grocery item right?). For some reason Tarun reminds me Vineeth. Might be bcos of the hair style. Story – usual love with cinematic build ups. 20+18 = 38 total marks for the movie. Just pass.

I have travelled from Chennai to Mumbai 3 times in train and only paatis and motti Maamis were there in the whole compartment. No wonder the TTR remembers every bit of Trisha’s journey even after a year. (very logical naa).

PS: My dear wife – that jigidi matter was just for fun, not to be taken seriously.

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