Monday, February 02, 2004

Gift an acre

Are you confused about the gift for this feb 14th? It might be a good idea to get an acre of land in Mars, Venus or Moon. This amazing gift pack comes complete with lunar certificate detailing your individual land plot, a map to locate your acre plot, your lunar mineral rights certificate and your land deed. All this legal as the advertisers claim.
There is a delivery charge of £3.75(nope its not your acre- its just the certificates).

Serious! I am not joking Check this out (Just in case if the link does not work as it has sessions then get in to the UK site -> Gifts->For Her -> Buy an Acre of Land on Mars/Venus/Moon)

But there is nothing catchy in the advert like sweet water at 15 feet, 1km to ‘BondiAhungo’ Space station, 10 mins walk to Meenakshi Seshadri Bala Bhavan, free membership to KannamaPettai Spiritual Centre, Just off MandaiKamPatti High Road etc.

தோடா !

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Saraswathi said...

Lols u have some good sense of humour there in the last paragraph
it took me couple of seconds to understand the bondiahungo hahaha

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