Friday, February 06, 2004

Sardar Patel Road

I am so bored today. No mood to work/learn anything new. Today’s KRA was around blogs. Read lots of blogs and all in the ‘I Read’ section got multiple hits from me. But everybody else seem to be busy and no updates in any of those. Was an interesting read about the current college life in Chennai. Would consolidate my story about what I read some other time.(??!!) After reading all those I was feeling very nostalgic about ‘Sardar Patel Road’. I worked in the tallest building in that road (prbly in that area) for nearly 3 years. That area is(was?) one of the greenest and nicest in Chennai. Many of my colleagues are regulars to AU/IIT canteens. IIT Chennai has a wonderful campus but an equally awful canteen (All- just my opinion don’t know abt now). AU canteen is little better but the buttermilk supplied as part of the meals was shock of my life. On the first day I mistook it for water in an unwashed sambhar container. My friend stirred and brought back its nearly white colour to make me believe. After that I mostly settled down with our Company Maamis Chappathi- Raja Mathas (Rajmaa dhal). From 4PM to 6 PM you can see lots of ‘kadalai’ sessions and many ‘Puhai’ vandi onlookers in the road. Only poorva jenma shaba would make you travel in the peak hours in 47D, 5E, 5T. Mylapore commuters were the lucky ones with the frequent 1 series.

‘Cake Castle’ and the near by Bajji shop were regular assembling point for us. ‘Shakes N Creams’ served many to settle scores in treats. ‘Odyssey’ was our official gift shop for birthdays and OTP’s (Official time pass). ‘Madhya Kailash’ for new year and other auspicious days. All Police mamas would be hiding here in the month ends for license mamool collections. ICICI Vidya mandir branch was the venting point for our customer service expectations. ‘Taramani Talkies’ taught me why a teetotaller’s should not attend treats with thanni. ‘Gandhi Mandapam’ was a disgrace to Gandhi with some obscene lovers forgetting the surrounding world even at bright noon. ‘Kathipara Junction’ and 100 feet road to Ashok pillar taught me surviving skills in driving.

‘Sardar Patel Road’ – I enjoyed every second of my life there.

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Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

enaku ipove andha bajji kadaiku poganum! :'(((

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