Monday, October 06, 2003

(Osama) BIN Lad-en

No this is not about that guy. Its Bin story of mine.
My council has provided all the houses with large individual bins for dumping the household litter. The bins are labelled with the house numbers. The council collects the bin garbage once in a week. For some reason the council guy who empties the bin misplaces and swaps my bin for my next door regularly. My next door bin is not maintained and cleaned that great and it stinks a lot more than my bin.
I generally notice this in the late evening when I return from office and I would do the job of swapping the bins back to the original houses. I always would be a bit nervous when doing this bcos what if the neighbour wakes up during this act and what would he think of me?(now! why the hell do I get that feeling when there is nothing wrong on my part? do you get that ever?)
I was fed up when this council guy did this recently and decided to have the bin of my next door itself hoping he would replace them correctly next time.
To my surprise both the council guy and my neighbour didn't notice this and I continued to have the next door bin. After a month finally I got this off my head and one day I cleaned the bin also as it was stinking a lot.
As luck would have it , the very next day the council guy realising his mistake very promptly placed the bins in the right houses and brought my original bin back.
Guess what! My original bin is now stinking, but I have decided not to clean this!
I am going to wait for another 4 weeks and if the council guy does not bring my cleaned bin back, I may strike a deal with Osama to fix this council Bin Lad(en)

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Karthik K Rajaraman said...

Nice! Sometimes it happens - like I had shared the Jannalora seetu (windowside seat) in Pallavan express (which goes from Madras to Trichy in the evening) for some elderly couples/kids/Maamipaatis/akkaamaamis/thaathaamaamas. Later when the train moves, they will realise that they got the bad seat where sun rays fall and bless them with hot rays. I had excused for my offer may times and taken back my original seat.
Naan romba Nallavan!

Karthik, New York, USA

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