Friday, October 10, 2003


I got a mail today from my boss gently reminding about the company policy that you cannot carry forward your leave and it expires on Dec 31st. I have got 19 out of 20 days of my holidays intact.
And if you didn't know before, I am a greaatttt fan of Diwal aka Deepavali and crackers.
I was already sobbing a lot to my wife for missing all the fun of Diwali back home in India and my kid would enjoy if we were in India. The last time we celebrated Diwali with family with lots of crackers was 3 years before when my kid was 4 months old.
Coming back, My boss's mail tempted me a lot and I started thinking why can't I try to arrange a travel to India for this Diwali (just 13 days more!). I called my wife and we discussed all about this and she's now game for this idea. She is also now dreaming about this and giving me call every 5 mins asking for the result.
I have enquired about tickets and they are also availableeeee!!!
Only thing pending is my leave approval from my current project manager in line with my current work. We are going to have this discussion now .. I am very tense...Dunno what the outcome will be.
If its a yes then will be there in Indiaa for Diwwaaalllii..
If it’s a No....Nope let me think of this case when it comes...and let me dream happily till then....

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