Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Movie Mania

While I was at Chennai, I very rarely go to theatres to watch movie. But that too completely stopped after my marriage bcos of the cable tv's. "Mugavari" was the only film I saw with my wife at Suriyan theatre while at Chennai.(That too we went just to break the record of not having seen any movies at Chennai)
After moving into UK, blime! I started watching movies at the rate of one per day!
It all started with the Srilankan Tamil shop owner near my house offering a deal of 5 movies for £3. It became a friday evening regular ritual for me to visit his shop and rent 5 cassettes. Initially we started with the backlog of famous movies, which we had missed. Very soon we were upped date with the latest releases including the Telugu/Malayalam dubbed movies.
I was so addicted that I started doing a revision from the old movies again. My wife who was complaining that we never watched any movie while at Chennai started complaining that we were watching too many movies. Also I realised that I was spending too much money on movies only after moving into my current house where it costs £1 per cassette.
I am little successful in bringing down my movie addiction now. It has come down to 1 or 2 movies per week! and I have skipped two weeks without watching any new movie (mind you - new!!)

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