Saturday, October 11, 2003


If you did not read my Diwali posting read that first and come here

After a long meeting PM has confirmed 95% that I will be able to go on holidays!!!!

Hurrayyyy I have called up the travel agent and have are available for 18th to Singara Chennai.

But still my PM wants to do a final consultation with the business people and will give the final go only on Monday!!

I have not informed my parents about this trip and I am going to give them a pleasant surprise. I have spoken with my sister and brother and they have also happy and are going to come with me to my native for diwali. All of us have agreed to keep this a secret.

I called up my parents today and didn’t give them any clue about the whole thing. My parents were sobbing a lot that nobody is going to be at home this time for diwali. I am going to let my little girl knock the door and watch their reaction when they see her and all of us.

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