Wednesday, December 03, 2003


I don’t know if this is a negative or positive quality of mine. My concentration level during non academic reading is a bit very high that I don’t hear or see the world around me. (Note - only for non academic reading) My Mom had troubles with this habit of mine and now it’s my wife. This dates back to my school days. It all started when the local library in my hometown shifted to our street very near to my house. I used to be one among those few waiting for the library to open in the mornings (on weekends). Magazines would be available only in the reading room and are not generally available for lending. And because of this concentration habit I would hang around in the library from morning 8 till 12:30 when they close for lunch. It was a regular scene on Sundays for my mom to come to library and call me for morning Tiffin after the cut off time 10:30. Because it was a traditional house stretching horizontally that was converted to library and my mom being orthodox, she would not come into the library as there would be lots of men. Instead she would call out for me from the entrance. The reading room is the last in the horizontal stretch. My response time would depend heavily on her luck. On this particular day "India Today" overruled her luck and everyone in the library was calling out my name on her behalf. I was in my “India Today” world at one corner. After an intensive call out my mom was told there seems to be no one responding and was suggested that I might have returned home. After an hour, the librarian’s lunch time call brought me back to the world. I hurriedly took my books to him for getting it registered in my account for lending. And when I signed it, the librarian was shocked to learn that I was the fella whom the whole library was calling out. Needless to say I became a funny specimen to the whole library. I don’t remember any gains out of this selective hyper concentration except for those "Special Archana tickets" from the victims. My gains may soon drive me to search for a program/course to help reduce my concentration level. :)

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