Friday, May 12, 2006

Hemel Pary Curtain Raiser

உங்கள விட்டா எனக்கு வேற யாரு இருக்காங்க..நீங்களே காறித் துப்பலைன்னா வேற யாரு துப்புவாங்க...

ராத்திரி கண்ணு முழிச்சு ஏதோ செஞ்சிருக்கேன்....கொஞ்சம் பார்த்து பெரிய மனசு பண்ணுங்கண்ணா /பண்ணுங்கக்கா

Hi All,
A curtain raiser presentation is now available now. Don't miss this presentation with Audio.

Follow the instructions below to see and enjoy it.

Download the zip file. Extract the contents to root c:\ (The presentation will not work if you extract to any other location i.e. the mp3 file needs to be in c:\ else audio will be lost ).

Click here to download the presentation
(if the link does not work then cut and paste in Internet explorer).

Turn your speakers on and Double click Hemel_Invitation.pps.

Sit back and enjoy(?!!??!) the presentation with audio .


Anonymous said...

கலக்கிட்டீங்க டுபுக்கு!! துப்பாக்கி pose-எல்லாம் over-aஇல்லை?

Anonymous said...

kaamadi thaan pongaa..

[ 'b u s p a s s' ] said...

"unnal mudiyum thambi" the background when you are having a gun...

Hemel'la enna "mass kidnap" panna poreengala ??

Karthik Kumar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Karthik Kumar said...


Kalakal ppt.

aana nan U.Sla irkennu ninatcha than varuthama irukku.


Chakra said...

> நீங்களே காறித் துப்பலைன்னா வேற யாரு துப்புவாங்க...

- romba aasai pattella... indha vaangikko.. thhoooooooooooo!

Blogeswari said...

Happy anniversary dubukku!

vishy said...

nice presentation.... cool.

SLN said...

Very interesting or should I say very inviting.

BTW, Happy Anniversary


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... honestly, it's good. I know you're trying hard :P

Anonymous said...

I regularly read your blog.. its good to see you all having so much enthu in organizing such get togethers..

Have fun and dont forget to post the pics...

Paavai said...

nice presentation .. have fun

Anonymous said...

Your older posts are not accessible through the Archive links. Can you check that out. Boring today. Thought I can have some fun reading your older posts. ;)

Dubukku said...

Aadhi - hehe over aa than irukku :) enna seiya..

anonymous - ethu ennoda pose aa?

buspass - ithu kooda nalla idea va irukke...

Karthic - danks sorrynga..kilari vittutena?

Chakra - ithellam correcta panuviye

Dubukku said...

Blogeswari - romba danks madam

Vishy -danks

Sriram - danks. haiyoooo eppo inga vareenganu sollunga..oru party kuduthiruvom :)

SLN - hehe danks. Looking fwd to meet you there

thewoman - danks !! trying hard eh??...neenga UMTya sollaleyee?

glycol - first first comment udreenga...ippdiya thuparathu :)

anonymous - danks danks. Yeah will surely post the photos (ennoda photos keteenga thane?)

Paavai - danks mam

Injey - f5 pls :)

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