Sunday, October 05, 2003

Forgive me Saraswathi !

Yesterday was Saraswathi pooja - The second happiest festival of my school days ! (Diwali comes first)
The ritual back in my home is to place all the academic materials and tools before lord Saraswathi for Pooja. And this is called "Yedu" generally in TamilNadu.
You don't need to study or read anything for the whole day and let Saraswathi do all these.

Coming to the point, Yesterday being weekend I decided to do this ritual in a very professional way. Pooja room was re-organised, flowers to offer, me in professional pooja attire, Everything was ready. I was hurrying my wife to get ready for the pooja. Just before starting the pooja I started looking for my academic books for the "Yedu".And there began all my trouble. The last time I was in touch with academics was 4 years before. Hell with electronic reading, my last purchase of a technical book was more than a year ago and I had no clue where that book was after moving into my current house. My wife started retaliating for all the trouble I was giving her so far. After a gruelling search for 30 mins I finally found a old outdated book of friends.
My wife teased that Saraswathi would be certainly ignoring that one as it is outdated and as it was not mine. She also suggested that I better put all my books into the yedu and keep it aside full time before lord Saraswathi as I am not reading them at all and also I don't need to search them for next year !!

Forgive me Saraswathi !!

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Saraswathi said...

Apology accepted :-D

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